We are so thrilled to host you at The Studio Hampton Roads!  We hope that this page helps to answer any questions you might have, but if your still searching for an answer, please reach out to us directly at info@thestudiohr.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!

How big is the studio?  How much space will I be able to utilize?

The Studio is a cute intimate two story cottage.  We have 4 studio rooms, a main suite and two bathrooms available for use!  The amount of space you get in your rental depends on which rooms you choose to include.

Will there be other photographers renting the studio during my time?  

During your scheduled time, you are the only photographer on the property!  This gives you and your client the privacy and freedom to be comfortable in the Studio!

Can I have food and drink in at the studio?  

Food and Drinks are allowed at the studio, however, in order to protect our furniture and bedding we ask that you refrain from bringing it into the studio rooms.  

Does my hourly rental include set up?

Your rental period begins at the start of the contracted time.  It does not include any extra set up time.  IF you think you may need additional time for set up, we can include that in your agreement.  Your entrance and exit are monitored through the lock on the door, and you will be billed for any additional use time.

Is there enough space for clients to have their hair and makeup done?  

Yes!  We have a designated spot for hair and make up and we also have extra rooms available if you want to provide a bit more space for these services.  


We have plenty of free, designated parking for The Studio.

Do you provide multi use discounts?  

We will periodically run specials offering discounts for booking.  We always share the promotions on our Facebook page.  We also have a membership program which offers members extremely discounted hourly pricing for a monthly fee.  

What if I'm looking for a photographer? 

We have in house photographers that would love to work with you!  Head on over to our Photographers page to meet them!   


If we haven't answered all of your questions,  Feel free to contact us!